The Spider and Its Web

This is a poem I wrote on the 12th of October. I haven’t exactly done much editing to this. I’ve been hesitating on posting this because I’m not sure if words by itself can express all the emotions in this poem. When I wrote it, I expected this to be a poem I will eventually perform at the spoken word poetry club I’m currently a member in at my uni. But we’ll see, it might very well come true. Let me know what you guys think ^-^


You are the spider

And I am your web

Sensitive to your touch


I am your string

I am your pillar

That supports you

That guides you

When the world tries

To put you down


You are the spider

And I am your web

The bundle of silk

Stronger than steel

Stronger than anybody

Even you can ever imagine


Yet you spin me around and around

Just to spit me out

You build me up for the reason of

Tearing me down

Just so anybody can tear me down



Not by little either

They claw at me with their fears

With their insecurities

With their hatred towards you


I am your shield

Your guard

Your home

Yet you can just leave to seek

Refuge somewhere else

At any time you want

At any time you wish


I am a forgotten web

That keeps hanging on

In the corner, waiting for you

To come back

I am a broken web

That hopes the owner will

Come and repair me once again

Even if it meant I’ll be spun around

Spit out, and torn apart for their own



You are the spider

And I am your web

I want you in my silk

But you’re always too afraid to set foot

In my world

You skim by, hoping that, by staying on the surface

You’ll never get trapped


But what is so scary about my silk?

Didn’t you build me up in order to love?

I am loving these creatures by giving them my arms, my hugs

Isn’t it you who is always itching to kill?

Always wanting to destroy what can be beautiful

And what is already beautiful


You are a cruel dictator

And I am your slave

You’ve abandon me already

And I am fine

I’ll just wait for the wind to blow me away

Because this “love” is still nothing

Even if you stayed



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