Ice Cream

It’s the feeling you get when you stand in the line for the ice cream truck. The excitement. The anticipation. I, however, never liked ice cream to begin with. The sweet creamy taste only covers the pain you feel underneath. How many people actually get ice cream because they are happy? After all, these sweets will only end up as the fat around your stomach. I just┬ádon’t know why people love ice cream so much.

It leaves this bitterness in my mouth every time I eat or speak of it. I never really knew why since the brain freeze will just numb my thoughts and my feelings before I can even start to figure out why. Maybe my dislike for ice cream came from the disappointment you get as you take your final bite. You begin to long for it, yet you know it does not bring you anything but temporary happiness. In the end, it will fade just like how the ice cream will melt away.

I guess I just never liked ice cream to begin with.