I hate falling: falling in love, falling in pieces, falling down, etc you name it, but as much as I hate falling, I hate getting up.

I hate getting back up after I’ve been kicked down. Maybe “kicked down” is a exaggeration.

Worn down by emotional erosion.

That has a better ring to it. I just hate having to be okay over and over again, and not even for other people’s sake but for my own. Because sometimes denying yourself the ability to feel and lying to yourself that you are alright are the only ways you can possibly cope with the loneliness, the loss, the lies, and the truth. The truth that is always being distorted in your own mind because the other person’s explanation is simply not enough. It’s not enough to explain why they don’t love you enough to want to be with you, so you turn inward, looking for something that’s usually and indefinitely the flaws and the insecurities that you tried so hard to pretend that you have already overcome.

And it’s so hard at that moment of life when you just want to curl up into a ball and die. Because everything feels better than beating yourself up for trusting in the life that everyone tells you that you deserve. The life filled with love and happiness that has always been so foreign to you. So as you face this pain again you wonder why you constantly put yourself into a position of vulnerability for the hopes that maybe someday someone will treat you right and be with you. But as you wonder more and more, the only answer that seems plausible is that you are naïve and that you are stupid for thinking it could ever happen to you. And as you get more engulf in this bottomless hole, you continue to keep looking down, wondering if it could get any worse.

Never once do you realize that if you just look up, you will see the endless possibilities that are waiting ahead of you.

Or maybe you do realize that this is not the end and that this is just temporary, just a little set back in the grand scheme of things. However, it doesn’t alleviate the emotions and thoughts you’re feeling and acting upon on. Sometimes knowing is just simply not enough. Sometimes the pain is so great that it is all that you think about and all that you feel, despite knowing it will get better. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself trapped in your own self-destructive thoughts, wanting to escape but not knowing or believing that there’s anything left or anything waiting for you once you do.

But as much as I hate falling and getting back up, it is also in these moments that I rediscover the amount of love and hope I have for myself and for this world.

It is in these moments that I truly believe I deserved better than what I have been given.

And just that statement, that feeling, and that thought alone helps me get through the rough time and the good times that have yet to come.


A Sleepless Night and an Epiphany

A few days ago, I gave my friend some advice on this guy she likes:

All im thinking right now is that if he is fearful of rejection, I wonder if that is just the normal fear of rejection or if there’s more to it. Like past influence? Things in life that made him who he is today. Because all of us go through stuff that shape who we are today. With regards to our past, some of us forget it, some of us ignore it, some of us remember it, and some of us are still stuck in it.

I can still feel myself in that moment, talking about my experience. I can feel myself almost venting about what I’ve gone through.

Be honest with him, ask him how he feels, and let him know that it wasn’t easy telling him how you feel. this requires a lot of vulnerability, and it may mean that you may get more hurt. But sometimes, someone has to be more vulnerable first. And if he ain’t willing to be that vulnerable, it says more about him than you.

But it wasn’t until this message that I finally realized that it is time to take my own advice.

I’ve felt so angry at myself for the past few months. I’ve felt like a horrible person for not understanding where he was coming from all the time. I’ve felt like I was just not good enough for him and never good enough for anybody. Little did I know, that wasn’t true.

You see there are so many things that we may blame ourselves for that have little to do with us. I mean come on, if we, ourselves, project our problems and feelings onto others, what’s to say they won’t do that to us? Maybe it wasn’t our fault after all, and maybe it was never our fault to begin with. Maybe it’s just another person struggling with their own emotions and problems while they try to navigate through their life.

And that is okay. That is perfectly okay. But we don’t have to stay with them through it all. We are not obligated to stay with them even if we are together with them. Yes, when things get rough, you should ride it out, but at what point does it become just another thing to do? At what point does it become another thing to put up with? A relationship shouldn’t be like that, and that goes for both platonic and romantic ones.

We shouldn’t ever feel like we are limited or bounded just because we are in a relationship. It shouldn’t feel like balls and chains. A relationship is supposed to enhance your life not cause you to be more stressed and more emotionally drained. Yet at the same time, relationships aren’t easy. It wasn’t meant to be easy.

But it’s your choice whether or not you want to stick it out or if you want to leave, and it’s just as much of a choice for them to decide that as well. And whatever you decide and whatever they decide, it’s out of each other control.

In the end, what they do says more about themselves, and what you do says more about yourself.

So stop blaming others and stop blaming yourself. It’s only going to cause you more pain.

And I’ve had so unfortunately caused myself so much pain



When can I let go?

Lately, I’ve been wondering what it takes to let you go 

All of the memories we had together still burn in the back of my mind. Whenever someone starts to get close, I start seeing smoke, and when they hide behind that smoke, I trick myself into believing that I found another you. But the thing with smoke is that it will eventually dissipate into the air. And when that smoke clears, will I be able to finally see them for who they are or will I see another facade I’ve created?

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I desperately need to find someone like you

No one I’ve met so far has gotten close to what it felt like to be with you. And the saddest part is, I don’t even get to call you a past love or get to call this a breakup. What we had, was that real or was it just another figment of my imaginations?

Because I remember bumping shoulders while we walk along side each other in the middle of the night. I remember the touch of your fingers against my skin; the way your body encapsulates me whenever you hug me. I remember studying and stressing out about school work in a coffee shop and how you would squat and lean your shoulder on the edge of the table and just stare at me. I remember your habit of parting your lips before breaking into a soft smile. I remember the weight of your head on my lap and the feeling of your hair in my fingers as I play with it. I remember when you told me you love me.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I can’t forget you

Everything was not as peachy as I made it sound. I remember those moments when you screamed at me, dragged me forcefully by the wrist, and threatened to hit me. I remember all the constant put-downs you said out of “love”, and I remember the way you would tell me it’s my fault and that I made you do it.

I remember.

I remember the way your lips touched hers and how you were engulfed in one another’s love. I remember watching you slip out of my hands and how desperately I tried to change at every chance I get in order to make you stay. I remember how I constantly felt like I was never going to be good enough for you, and how even then, I still wanted to do anything I can to make you proud of me, to make you love me, and to just make you appreciate my efforts. But it was never enough. As long as I’m not her, I will never be good enough. She could have a thousands more flaws than me, but she will always be perfect and enough to you.

So I wonder why I can’t forget you and the pain you put me through

I already accepted that you will never be mine. I’ve already let that go. I’ve already let you go a long time ago. And I’ve been ready to let go of everything. But it seems like you still have a hold on my heart even if it’s just a little piece of it. It seems like I will never get that piece back, and it scares me to imagine that maybe that was the piece I need to complete myself. That without it, I will always be empty.

I’m so scared.

So scared to think that no one will ever truly love me enough to want me



someone like you

i wish i had someone like you

someone to lie on the ground with in a candle-lit room at 11 pm at night

as we lie there, we can point at the ceiling, pretending that it’s the night sky. we can watch the shadows of our hands dance while we laugh at each other. and when it becomes silent, we can look into each other eyes and press our forehead against one another. we can just enjoy the moment like this is our night to shine. and we can even fall asleep peacefully in each other’s arms, knowing that we are being embraced with love and comfort

i wish i had someone like you


Unspoken Words May Lead to Regret

Lately, I spend too much time thinking about the past.

I think I’ve been so busy with school work and extracurriculars that everything is coming down on me at once. And as these things happen, I can’t help but think of you.

I miss the old times when you and I will hang out every other night and just talk. I miss being able to just talk. I miss sitting in a car with someone and talking to them about anything. I miss that deep yet spontaneous part of life, but let me be clear about one thing. I don’t miss you.

I just miss having someone like that to spend my day and night with. I think college is a bit different. Even back in high school, I took time to skip class, to go out at night, and to have fun. Now, I just stay in my dorm all the time. I know I have to put myself out there to meet people, but it seems like no one I’ve met so far is interested in going out or hanging out at night. Everyone seems to academically driven that it’s their top priorities.

With you at least, you put aside college work to hang out with me while I put aside high school work for you. It wasn’t the best thing to do academically, but we had so much fun. Now, I just miss being able to do that with people. A part of me is so scared that I’ll never find someone like that again in my life.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had told you that I liked you. It seems like unspoken words may lead to regret. It has never stopped bothering me, especially the fact that when I stopped talking to you, you and your girlfriend finally worked out. It’s like you no longer had another person by your side confusing your feelings. At the same time, if what we had made you questioned what you had with her, do you even love her as much as you claim?

I walked away so you would realize that the one you love and the one you want is her. I did it all for you even though it may have hurt you, yet you still look at me as this cruel person.  I did my best for the both of your guys’ happiness. Why do you call me selfish? I have been nothing but selfless. I let go when I wanted to hang on.

But a part of me regret not telling you my feelings sooner. Maybe it wouldn’t have changed anything, but maybe I wouldn’t feel like everything could have been different. Now that you two are spend your life together like a happily ever after fairytale, I just feel like something is missing in my life.

I just dislike how it’s going to be 2 years soon, yet it still sits on the back of my mind


The Pain of Holding Back

I miss us. I miss everything about us. I never exactly planned on leaving forever, but I know I just needed this break for myself. You were okay with it, or so I thought. But only two days later, you messaged me again and we talked for four hours, which left like just a blink of an eye. Towards the end when you brought up to talk tomorrow, I shut the idea down. I knew you were upset by how cold I was being, but can you blame me?

You didn’t want anything more than a friendship, yet you still treat me like I’m more. You’re driving me into the corner with your flirting, yet you expect me to understand that there was nothing more between us. For fuck sakes, I told you I was in love with you. I told you how I never felt this way about somebody and how I never wanted somebody so much in my life. Yes, there’s the distance, but that doesn’t matter to me. I just want you. I want to fly over to see you and do all the things we planned to do, and I know you want that to happen too. You talk about it all the time like it’s going to be something huge. The final reveal sort of thing.

I really value what we have together. That’s why I needed to take a break in order to not let these feelings get in the way. If loving you meant that I’m going to destroy this friendship, then I’m going to love you from a distance. But it’s so hard when you told me that you couldn’t just let things be- that you want to keep talking because you’re scared that the distance will cause us to drift apart forever. And I’m scared too, probably more than you are, so I caved in. I gave in to what you wanted and now I’m lost again.

I’m getting lost in you. I love the way you chuckles. I love the way you’re taken back by my remarks and the way you stubbornly tell me to “shaddup”. I love the way you can just go on about the things you like without realizing that you do it. I love the way you think and the way you slowly let me in. I love you for everything you are and everything you’re not, and I feel like I can love you forever.

Maybe love is too strong of a word here to be used romantically, but I still don’t really know how I really feel. I know platonically, I love you with all my heart. But I just feel like everything gets a bit too much for me. You want to think things through and weigh out the pros and cons about us, and that’s great for you.

However, I feel sorry for you that you think there are more cons than pros. I’m really sorry that these cons are holding you back. If you think that it is best for us to just stay friend, then please live by that. You are not allow to be upset at me when you find out that I’m going out on dates with guys. You are not allow to tell me who I can talk to and who I want to meet. You have no place and no authority to tell me any of that.

Sometimes, I feel like you’re insecure. That even if something official happened between us, you won’t trust me. You’ll think I’m out with some other people and want to spend time with them more or whatnot. And I know why you would feel that way; it’s because it’s something you would do or you have done in the past. But I’m not like that. Please stop looking at me like I’m a reflection of your own insecurities. Because I’m not.

I’m not your insecurities. If anything, I’m my own insecurities. So let your insecurities hold you back if that’s what you wish. I’ll just try my best to hold back all these feelings and try my best to meet new people. And if that destroys you to see me act that way then all I can say to you is “that’s what you wanted.” I can’t give you sympathy. I can’t give you empathy. I can’t give you any affections for hurting me with what you thought you wanted.

So yeah I realized it’s not easy for the both of us to be holding back. I want to just scream at your face and tell you to just take a leap of faith. Why not just stop holding back and see where it takes us and just let it grow into something bigger? You can try to repress it all you want, but at one point, it’ll become too much for us to handle. What then? Do we just end it all or do we just change something up? So far, all we’ve been doing is going back to square one, letting it build up, and going back to square one. It’s just a never-ending cycle of confusion. And that hurts. I’m forever living in this state of what ifs. What if one day, you change your mind and tell me what you really want? What if one day, we do end up together? What if one day because of what you chose, we never talk again? Are you okay with that? Because I’m not.

And I get it. In the beginning, I was so against my friends dating because I felt like they both weren’t ready for it. I felt like they should take some time before jumping into it. When I asked her why rush it, she said it’s because nothing is forever. Although it’s nice to believe in that “what will be will be”, sometimes, you just have to go for it. Because life is so short. We should enjoy it while we can even if the future might not end up as great as we wanted it to be.

The more and more this continues to keep up, I feel like I’m just going more crazy. I just start to get tired of it, but I don’t love you any less of it. Rather, I feel more depressed and more defeated. I feel like no matter how much I love you, it will never be enough for you to realize and enough for you to appreciate. Maybe that’s just what I get for giving you my love. And maybe just maybe, this is just the pain of holding back when you love someone so much.



The Art of Heartbreak

Now a lot of people think getting your heart broken is easy, but not for someone like me. In order to have your heart broken, you need to take a few steps to achieved such feelings. I have experienced heartbreaks before, but I have to admit, this one hurts more than any of the ones I had so far in my life. For me, this is the way to get your heart broken.

Step One

Trust. Don’t trust people blindly. Trust the people you know that will stick around and love you not only despite of your mistakes but also love you for your mistakes. Trust them and let them trust you. Let the mutual trust develop a feeling of warmth and of comfort. The next thing you know, you guys are in your own little world. You can freely share your thoughts without the fear of them disliking you or getting mad at you. You can express how you feel about certain things and know that they will respect you for it.

Step Two

Love. But don’t do it with your eyes close. Love them for who they are. Love them for who they can be. Love them for the love that they are. And love them for the things that they aren’t. Love yourself though and let your love wrap itself around them. Let them feel your love and feel the warmth radiating from you. And even if they may say horrible things to you know that it is not the truth and that they are just an insecure child that needs loving too. Don’t give up on them and don’t love them any less because of it.

Step Three

Make plans. Dream big. Promise each other how you two will travel the world together until you die. Talk about all the places you want to go and how you want to experience that with them. How you want to be under the stars together at night and how you want to make a campfire at a site you two had just arrived after a long day of hiking. Remember that anything is possible with this person. Talk about the future. Talk about marriage for god sake. Talk about what kinds of parents you’ll both be and ironically, how perfect of a marriage couple the both of you will make. And who can forget? You should tell each other how much you enjoy each other’s presence and how you can’t help but like them. And not platonically either, I’m talking about confessing your feelings to one another. Telling them how you’re falling head over heels.

Step Four

Listen. Listen as they tell you how even though they like you, it cannot be. Listen as they tell you how they only want to be friends. LISTEN as they tell you they don’t want you to leave, yet they don’t want to make you stay. And don’t you dare cry. Don’t you dare cover your ears or your eyes. Listen to every words that come out of their mouth and remember it well.

Step Five

Remember. Remember all the moments you two spent together. Remember all those nights you stayed up for one another. Remember all those quirky jokes or the times they call you cute and adorable. Remember the moments when they joked about you being their girlfriend/boyfriend and the moments they referred to you as their significant other. And NEVER ever forget how indecisive they are. How they are aware of your feelings yet they choose to do nothing about it, and even worse, how they purposely say things to make your feelings grow. Remember all the things that could have been and the things that never will be.

Step Six

And forget. Forget about it all. Forget about all the promises made, all the sweet words said, all the bullshit they put you through because they can’t make up their mind. They don’t want you to leave, yet they don’t have a reason for you to really stay either. They always say they do. What is it? Because “I care about you”? If they really cared, they would not put you through their indecisiveness and continue the heartbreak even when you have brought it up many times. Just forget about them. Forget about how happy they made you feel. Forget about how for the first time you actually wanted someone in your life that badly. Forget about how you two trust and love each other so much. Forget about it all, and maybe then. Just maybe then, you’ll find a piece of yourself that you haven’t given to them yet.

Step Seven

Cry. Cry your heart out. Cry because that’s all you think you can do. You know there is more you can do than just walking away from the person, but you also know that you cannot change another person’s heart. Or maybe you can, but can you stomach through the trials and the pain? So keep crying, my child. Keep crying. Remember all the good times and the bad times. Remember all the what ifs and the could haves. Then forget about them and let your tears act as a way for you to let go. Let your tears be the liberation you deserve. Let it set you free. And let it remind you that you are nothing and I mean nothing close to the person that they wished you’ll be.

Final Step

Because you see, you are so much more than that. And if they can’t see that, then that’s their lost. Because even when you’re heartbroken, you are strong and beautiful. Don’t let someone define you. Don’t let a could-have define a will-be. And don’t you lose hope.

Because I swear, one day, you will meet that special someone. And it still won’t be easy. But the difference is they’ll know and you’ll know that you two are meant to be and there’s nothing in this goddamn world that can keep you two apart.